About Project

This is our Ghalla Comission Software. It is use for Maintain Record any kind of Comission Shops. It will be helpfull and easy to use and understand.

Project Information

  • Category:Ghalla Comission Shops
  • Location:All Pakistan
  • Releasing Date:1 Sep 2021

Project Analysis

In this System you can easily Manage all the Eliments of your Comission Shop such as the complete details of Sale Purchase, Invoices, Manage Products and all kinds of reports. We made it perfact and easy to use.

Main Features

One of the Main Feature of this System is to Manage all kind of data of your Comission and Brokery Shop.In this System you can get any information about your any Previous Sale Purchase and easily get any kind of sale or purchase invoices.

The Result

Many Brokers or Comission Shop owners have become organized after using our system. It is now easier for them to manage their records. Now they can easily handle of their company's accounts.


We have received very good response from our customers regarding this system.This system made it easier for them to work, so they give us a good tribute.